The History of Kozo Sushi

The first Kozo Sushi was opened on 16 May 1998 under the idea that we wanted to bring affordable Japanese food to Thai people because back then Japanese food was considered a luxury.  Initially the restaurant was co-owned by a Japanese partner who brought in the concept of a “floating” sushi restaurant using a conveyer belt which was highly popular in Japan.

Kozo Sushi Thailand

At the time “Kozo Sushi” was a well-known chain of sushi restaurants in Japan but the writing of “Kozo” in Japanese means “monk” whereas the writing “Kozo” for our restaurant means “elephant” which is an animal symbolic to Thailand .  Although the pronunciation is the same, the writing hence meaning of Kozo Sushi is vastly different and many Japanese customers love to take pictures with our restaurant to take back as souvenirs of visiting Bangkok.

Kozo Sushi at Thaniya

Kozo Sushi at Thaniya was the first branch in Bangkok and is now serving a highly popular buffet style Japanese cuisine on a stainless steel conveyer belt everyday from 11:00 – 14:30 at Bht. 399 net/person.  We also offer dinner service from 5:00 – 10:00 PM, choice of a la carte selection or full service buffet at Bht. 599 net/person.

Kozo Sushi at Glas Haus

Kozo Sushi at Glas Haus is the second branch in Bangkok which recently opened in 2015.  This branch offers fresh and delicious Japanese food at affordable prices with friendly service in a modern atmosphere.  The restaurant has a full bar with a great selection of wine, cocktails, martinis and Japanese liquor.